Product Designer

Hi, I’m Michelle — a growth-driven product designer, with affinities for all things Star Wars and musical theatre.

Currently designing for continuous feedback at 15Five 🤞🖐️

Most recently, I was working alongside the most talented group of individuals at Reddit in San Francisco; redesigning user profiles and crafting new product experiences for Reddit Events and Reddit News.

Previously, I worked at eBay on the B2C Selling team, designing modern tools for, largely, legacy sellers, and freelanced through the Gigster network. Once upon a time and in another lifetime, I worked as an Archaeologist for little environmental consulting firm called Transcon in Berkeley.

Photo Cred:  u/Uzi

Photo Cred: u/Uzi


Recent Work

Note that many of these projects are under NDAs. Feel free to ping me for a peek!



Designing a Profile Content Showcase for Reddit Creators

Redesigned the user profiles on Reddit — particularly focusing on the profile showcase experience for Reddit’s most active and original content creators.



Designing the Reddit Events Calendar for Desktop (Web)

A continuation of the Reddit Events Calendar product — but this time, designing the experience for desktop (web) with similar constraints but different entry points and means of discovery.



Redesigning Stroll's Patient-Facing Portal

Redesigned the patient-facing portal of Stroll Health, an early-stage health tech company, seeking to simplify and make the process of booking major medical imaging procedures more transparent.

🗝️REDDIT (2018) • NATIVE (iOS)

Designing the Reddit Events Calendar for Native iOS (Mobile)

Reddit Events, a new product, pertains to scheduled posts. I owned the full design of the Events Calendar — which includes both what the user is following as well as discover.


🗝️REDDIT (2018) • NATIVE (IOS)

Designing Entry Points into a new Reddit News Experience

Designed new entry points (through in-feed units and the empty search state), for news-specific posts across Reddit from news communities such as The NYT, TechCrunch and so forth.



Designing an MVP Onboarding Experience for a Travel and Hospitality App

Led product strategy and full design of the MVP onboarding process for a Panamanian-based hospitality start-up with locations all over the world.