Michelle Lin



Hiya, I'm Michelle โ€” an empathy-driven, teal-haired + human-loving Product Designer based in good ol' San Francisco.


Recent Work


Stroll Health

Redesigned the patient-facing portal of Stroll Health, an early-stage health tech company seeking to simplify and make more transparent the process of booking major medical imaging procedures.

Sipree, Inc.

Designed MVP mobile "Paywall" screens for Sipree, Inc., a finance tech company, with behavioral psychology in mind to optimize the likelihood of users to select alternative payment options over the traditional, "Check by Mail."


Starbucks iOS Mobile Ordering

Conducted a User Experience teardown of the Starbucks iOS app's mobile ordering process through guerrilla usability testing and redesigned the flow to address major pain points.

(๐Ÿ—๏ธ-Sealed) Hospitality Start-Up

Was flown out to Panama to design the MVP onboarding process for a Panamanian-based hospitality start-up with locations all over South and Central America. Ping me for a peek!