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  "THE NEW CREATIVE"  Interview with The SOAP Collective    READ MORE

"THE NEW CREATIVE"Interview with The SOAP Collective


An Introduction: Digital Storytelling with The SOAP Collective

It’s official. Virtual reality is here and it’s practically a household name. We may not have the true hoverboards we were promised, but we have VR. Living in San Francisco, it’s almost impossible to walk down the street and not hear about the latest Oculus products, the newest VR headsets or the craziest VR experience apps — hell, even Google designed a phone with VR as practically the sole focus. However, beyond the games and the insane virtual worlds you get to escape to during a VR experience, the true soul of virtual reality, for me, is the immersive storytelling aspect of it through 360-film. It is a unique, brilliant and beautiful (when executed correctly) piece of technology and art form that connects people to other human beings, places and things in a way so empathic, it creates an emotional and immersive storytelling experience that allows people to understand what it’s like to live in somebody else’s shoes. And in this day and age, with all the madness and violence in the world, I believe empathy is the first step in solving these problems.