Michelle Lin


Hi, I'm Michelle — a human-loving Product Designer based in SF.

I craft digital products and experiences through the lenses of empathy and behavioral psychology, backed by user research and observation, and gracefully topped off with delightful interactions and modern UI.


Recent Work

Stroll Health

Redesigned the patient-facing portal of Stroll Health, an early-stage health tech company seeking to simplify and make more transparent the process of booking major medical imaging procedures.


Sipree, Inc.

Designed MVP mobile "Paywall" screens for Sipree, Inc., a finance tech company, with behavioral psychology in mind to optimize the likelihood of users to select alternative payment options over the traditional, "Check by Mail."


Starbucks iOS Mobile Ordering

Conducted a User Experience Design teardown of the Starbucks iOS app's mobile ordering process through guerrilla usability testing and redesigned the flow to address major pain points.


(🗝️-Sealed) Hospitality Start-Up

Designed the MVP onboarding process for a Panamanian-based hospitality start-up with locations all over South and Central America.

Story coming soon!