Michelle Lin


Creating the New FashHack




FashHack (Australia) began as an annual hackathon in Australia tailored to helping aspiring tech entrepreneurs learn the principles of building a fashion-tech start-up. At the time of this project, it was seeking to both expand globally and host events beyond hackathons to bring together a global fashion tech community. With this goal in mind, the founder, Victoria Lai, wanted a multi-page website that boasted the company's three main value propositions — to create a global fashion tech community; host community fashion tech events (such as meet-ups and hackathons) around the world; and, a blog that would be updated with the latest fashion tech news as well as interviews with fashion tech leaders. It was my job to make Victoria's vision come true and she gave full design freedom to create this website with zero constraints. 

Using Sketch, I created mocks of each page and ensured that the value props of FashHack were well-represented and that the entirety of the website carried a coherent and consistent visual brand. After hours of research and many cups o' java later, I was able to help Victoria bring her vision to life. In any case, the expansion of FashHack has been put on an indefinite hiatus, but the website is in the midst of development. 

Sole Web Designer





While this wasn't exactly a full on Product Design project, but rather something I sought out on my own, it's something I worked tirelessly on and utilized many UX strategies to design. Creating this website require hours of research, ideating, pixel pushing and ensuring that the information architecture made sense to all. In any case, as someone who is a huge follower of both fashion and new technologies, there was no way I could say no to taking on this project. While the website is still under development and the expansion of FashHack beyond Australia has since been halted, it was still a great learning experience and I look forward to seeing FashHack grow despite this minor bump in the road.