Michelle Lin



Hello there! 👋

I'm Michelle, a Digital Anthropologist + Product Designer — crafting digital products and experiences through the lenses of empathy and behavioral psychology, backed by user research and observation, and gracefully topped off with delightful interactions and modern UI. 

Having grown up in a design-oriented household with a web designer mother, one of the few in the late 1990s, design-thinking has shaped and cultivated my passion for creative innovations and project solving. I hope to combine my three loves — design, technology and culture — to create meaningful digital products which allow for free forms of individual self expression. 

Empathy is my strong suit, and I love designing digital products which not only solve everyday problems but create truly empathic experiences for each user. While I have designed for a wide range of tech sectors — my interests lie primarily in e-commerce, hospitality and health + wellness. 

Currently design B2C Selling (Seller Hub) @ eBay
Design mentor @ Designlab

Wanna chat design (or musicals, dogs and/or football)?